Holy Qur’an Viewer version 2.9 Developed by Jamal Al-Nasir

Download the full package, it is free: http://www.2muslims.com/divineislam/QViewer2_Full.exe

Qur’an Viewer Showing Main View with Arabic/English Displayed

Features include: –

– Additional Qur’an Languages and Translations can be installed.
– Additional Qur’an Manuscript Pages can be installed.
– Remote recitation feature can be enabled from within the software.

Full Arabic Text – The Entire script of the Holy Qur’an in Arabic is built into Qur’an Viewer.

English Translation – The most widely accepted translation of the Holy Qur’an into English, is that of Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s and is also built-in.

Transliteration – Qur’anic text that has been processed to work within Qur’an Viewer and shows the pronunciation of the Arabic words written in English.

Commentary – By the famous and most reputable scholar Syed Abu Ala Maududi, provides an introduction and brief commentary of each Chapter of the Holy Qur’an.

Hierarchical Index – Provides access to well-known subject matter covered in the Holy Qur’an.

Qur’anic Searching – A fast and intelligent querying engine facilitates quick and easy searching of the sacred and Holy Text.

Qur’anic Duas – A library of almost 100 Duas (Supplications) from the Holy Qur’an, organised in convenient categories. You can view the Duas in any installed language!

Remote Recitation – Listen to each Verse of the Holy Qur’an. This version of Qur’an Viewer will connect to a DivineIslam Remote Audio server and automatically download the sound using your internet connection.

Note: This feature requires Free RealAudio software available from http://www.Real.com. This option must be enabled from the “Options” Menu.

Copy Text – Provides the ability to copy Qur’anic text in the original Arabic, English and Transliteration. Includes the Powerful capability to copy text in three different formats, Unicode, HTML and Plain text (including native Arabic codepage text). Capable of producing well designed HTML snippet contain Qur’anic verses for inclusion within web pages and other documents.

Introductory Documents – These introduce the user to fundamental information regarding The Holy Qur’an, and the Qur’an Viewer software.

Islamic Glossary (Over 500 entries) – A comprehensive glossary of Islamic terms is featured in the program. The glossary features alternate spellings, which lists any other commonly used spellings for the words.

Word Spelling Query – Enables you to find the preferred spelling for a given word by typing in your spelling, it will return the correct one!

Bookmarks – Different types of bookmarks allow you to reference a particular point of information within the program or Qur’an.

List Alternate Chapter names – Any Suras (Chapters) in the Holy Qur’an can be accessed by alternate name too.

Software Tour – A built in Audio tour, with screenshots and information covering using the Qur’an Viewer Software.

Qur’an Viewer Showing the Manuscript Viewer

Jamal Al-Nasir spent years writinghousands of code lines to make up all the free Islamic software he provides for FREE, he had to step away for personal reasons and we ask all those who did or will benefit from his work to pray for him.

Title: Holy Qur’an Viewer: Free, Multi-Language Qur’an (Koran) software
URL: http://www.2muslims.com/directory/Detailed/223253.shtml
Description: Multi-Language Quran package. Read Qur’an in upto 36 language (currently) Features Built-in Arabic, English, transliteration, commentary by Maududi. Full searching, Bookmarks, Index of Subjects and Glossary of 500 words is provided. Additional languages can be downloaded from the website and installed.
Keywords: Koran, Quran, Qur’an, Kur’an, multi, translation, translations, languages, Islamic,glossary,search, translate, software, download, free, package

8 thoughts on “Holy Qur’an Viewer version 2.9 Developed by Jamal Al-Nasir

  1. ااسلام عليكم
    There is an error in the Qur’an:the verse 36 (in the chapter ya-seen) is false
    It is necessary to correct it
    هنالكك خطأ في سورة ياسين:ااآية 36 خاطئة و إنّما توجد آية أخرى في مكانها.اارّجاء إصلاحها.جازاك االّه خيرًا.

  2. As Salaam alaykum. I have been using this software for many years now and it is an essential part of my Qur’an research and writing. I have a new computer now and wish to get it on that computer. Is there any site which it can be downloaded from? I was so disapointed to find out that Sidi can no longer support this program it was truly a gift that he has given to the world. Subhan’allah!

  3. we thank Allah for having such people in live making us understand the Quran much better..any muslim brother can call me on +233543604762

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