Apple gives back very little – close to Zero

The well designed brushed steel cased Samsung L870 Symbian Based Smart Phone, released at the S60 Summit in Barcelona which started the day before yesterday.

  • Pre-installed apps:
  • Quick Office document viewer
  • WebKit-based S60 Safaribrowser
  • Music and video players
  • Push-email support
  • Other standard Symbian S60 apps.

The “Safari browser” included in the phone, like all the latest Nokia S60 smart cellphones, probably uses Nokia’s developed S60 Web Browser, which is also referred to as “Safari” because it uses the same open source WebKit on which the Apple’s Safari is based upon.

However, the possibility of Apple actually giving one of the iPhone’s crown jewels to the competition, and then porting it to Symbian—without any of the iPhone’s user interface programming classes— is close to zero.

Even when Apple built its main operating system on the open source Linux foundation, it did very very little to give back something -close to Zero!

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