A Muslim Response to Barbie’s Open Letter

Good reading on the politics of Islamophobia and rebranding of Islam

Christina Tasca

Barbie is #unapologetic. Barbie is #unapologetic.

I was the quintessential girly-girl when I was little. My parents would tell me stories of how I used to scream bloody murder if I was not put in a dress and tights with ruffles on the butt. I walked around the house in those plastic high heels with cheap dollar store blue eyeshadow and waxy pink lipstick. I grew up on Barbies. Every year for Christmas my grandmother would buy me the Christmas edition doll and I would stare at her in the box and wish I could take her out and play with the gorgeous gown. She was so cool, all I wanted was to BE her. As I grew up, however, I realized that not all of us can be like Barbie and in fact, it isn’t entirely healthy to idolize her.

Courtesy of Business Insider

Sports Illustrated published their current Swimsuit Issue featuring Barbie…

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